The Austview journey started in the late 80s, when directors Andrew Thompson & Simon Robertson decided on a change of direction for their existing generic window manufacturing business. This arose because of an opportunity in the market for a specific range of windows. The Austview name was chosen and the process of designing and manufacturing the Sashless 2 Panel double hung window began.

It wasn’t long before both realised that the architectural market they had tapped into was on the lookout for other configurations of this product. Through further developments and variations on the theme, the 2 panel bottom fixed window was introduced. This product was well received, which lead to more options in the range being developed.

In the late 90s, discussion began about a need for a double glazed version of the product. Initially this was met with apprehension and concern, as the directors believed they were primarily a sashless window company. However after further research and industry pressure, Austview sashless windows embarked on a design for the double glazed version. This product has now gone on to represent over 60% of their Victorian Market, with strong interest in interstate markets.

Over the following years R&D continued, and horizontal options in both single & double glazed products were introduced.

In 2010 Austview started manufacturing in Sydney, prior to that they supplied the product in kit form to NSW, S.A, TAS and W.A.

The company continues to grow and yet is still operated by 2 families, of which several members are involved in the day to day operation.

The Austview story would not be complete without acknowledging a key reason for its success, and that is its staff. Their continued ability to be customer focused while maintaining a highly professional and friendly work environment has allowed for Austview’s on-going success, and the business will always rely on this team of skilled staff to meet the needs of their current and future customers.